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Home-based Autism Therapy

Therapy Masters, Your Home-Based Autism Therapist

Many children with autism need some form of speech therapy for autism, and we're here to help. Our home-based autism therapist can provide your child with the speech and language therapy they need to thrive in school, both academically and socially. Speech therapy for autism is an important part of a wellness plan for most children with autism, and by starting speech therapy early, you're giving your child a head start. Our home-based autism therapy also includes other services such as ABA Therapy. 



Our in-home therapist will start with a consultation, in which we'll observe your child in their environment. From there, we'll develop a plan that makes sense for your family and your child. While language is a main component of speech therapy, we'll likely also work with your child on eating and drinking. Many children with autism have some struggles with mouth and lip placement and can benefit greatly from an in-home therapist.


As we progress through our therapy, we'll set regular goals for your child. From time to time, we'll assess these goals and revamp them as necessary. We need to make ambitious goals, but we never want to push your child too hard, too fast. We'll rely on you to give us feedback on the pace of therapy, and we'll slow it down if you think things are moving too quickly. We believe that our parents are the experts on their children, and we'll defer to your advice.


If your child with autism is struggling with speech and language, help is just a phone call away. Call Therapy Masters today to schedule your first in-home consultation. We're looking forward to helping your child thrive.

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